Do It Yourself "Parenting Plan"...easy, affordable and complete.

Our Parenting Plan software solution, PARBasic, is for divorced or separated parents who need to create a Parenting Plan. The Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Schedule Generator are approved by the Courts for use in all 50 States and the software is designed and used by Family Law Attorneys.

Using the PARBasic software will help you quickly and easily create a Parenting Plan that fits your family’s needs. Our step-by-step instructions are clear, straight-forward and will guide you through creation, modification and validating your Parenting Plan from beginning to completion. Why spend thousands of dollars for an attorney when you can create your own plan and then, if desired, review it with your attorney or provide it directly to the Courts. The choice is yours. Our Parenting Plan software lets you customize your plan to fit your specific needs. 

It's easy and will save you money!

Easy 4 Step Process:

    1.     Download The PARBasic Parenting Plan Software.

    2.     Follow Step-By-Step Instructions To Create Your Plan.

    3.     Print Your Parenting Plan.

    4.     Review Your Plan With Your Attorney Or File It Directly With The Court. 

Creating your own Parenting Plan will give you flexibility to make sure that both parents can agree on the terms to avoid any issues or conflicts down the road.  Our Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Schedule Generator software, PARBasic, provides you multiple options within the plan to cover all possible scenarios and to clearly define what both parents can agree on to make the plan successful and to minimize costs. 

Our Parenting Plan solution is very affordable and is a complete solution.  Get started today!  It is easy to complete and revise, if needed.  Click
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